About our club

Miami Bar is a three floored cocktail bar and nightclub. On the first floor you’re able to enjoy our great cocktails and enjoy a smoke on our terrace. If you’re into dancing, then you’ll find the second floor interesting, as our dj and dance floor is located here.

On the third floor, you’re able to find our Gold Lounge, which you’re able to rent for private parties on companies from 30 people.
We put together bar prices etc. just for your needs.


Table Reservation

Table Packages

#1 – 2 bottles inklusive 4 sodas for mixing
1.600 kr.

#2 – 2 bottles of ciroc inklusive 4 sodas for mixing
2.500 kr.

#3 – 1 bottle of a magnum ciroc & 1 luc belaire rose champagne
3.000 kr.

#4 – 1 bottle of 3.l ciroc & 1 luc belaire rosé champagne inklusive 6 sodas for mixing
6.500 kr.

Contact us

Miami Bar
Gammeltorv 16, 1457 København K

tlf: +4528415549

tlf: +4528415549